Singapore Visa Update:

New Singapore Visa form is mandatory From Sep 2019.

With immediate effect from September 2019, all visa applicants, regardless of nationalities, are to use the revised Form 14A. An editable pdf copy will also be available in ICA’s website from the effective date.

The revised Form 14A includes a new field in Part I and a new section (Part III) to capture personal information of visa applicants and information of their local contact (LC) (where applicable). The following had been included in the revised form.
a. New field under PART I – PARTICULARS OF APPLICANT – For Chinese Nationals only
i. PRC ID Number

b. New section – PART III – PARTICULARS OF LOCAL CONTACT – Details of Local Contact or Company/Hotel in Singapore
i. Name of LC / Company / Hotel
ii. Relationship of Local Contact / Company / Hotel to Applicant
iii. Contact no. of LC
iv. Email address of LC

Thai Update :

The Thai Immigration Police recently started using the Biometrics System at the airport. In a period of only 3 days, 8 foreigners were discovered using fake passports. Many of the suspects have one fact in common, is that the passports were purchased from an Iranian Agent. The Immigration Police reported on the 13th of this month (September 2019) about the arrest of foreigners who were using fake passports



News Update:-

News Update:-

– In Thailand, China, Burma and many other countries it is mandatory for Indian passport holders to travel with return air ticket on same airline if travelling on tourist visa.

– Global Travel Roadshow is coming up with its roadshow in Noormahal Karnal, Haryana on 21st September from 11am to 5pm.

– Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has proposed to develop 15 new wildlife sanctuaries in the state in a bid to promote tourism in this region.

China Consulate Update:

This to inform you that Consulate have put a cap on the visa submissions and the Visa Application Centre gives first preference to the applicants who visit personally. Due to huge rush of applicants at the Visa Application Centre, there are no tokens left for the agents for their submissions.

As per Visa Application Centre, Consulates have given instruction NOT TO ACCEPT PASSPORTS IN BULK from any person/agent.

Hence, in case of urgent travel during this period, please advise such applicants to come personally for submission of their respective visa applications.

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